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Sixfive started with community in mind. After a difficult period in his life, founder Tyler Bryden began looking for ways to build a business while making an impact.  

While in the first year of Fanshawe College for Interactive Media Design & Production, Tyler began to get asked to design and build websites.  After the first year of school Tyler had a decision to make: should he continue building websites on his own or join a company.  With the support of the London Small Business Centre, Tyler put together a business plan and that summer started SixFive Interactive.  The work continued to come in and after the summer, Tyler knew there was a great opportunity to grow his business in London.

Tyler returned to his final year at Fanshawe, balancing both a full-time course load and client work at once. The client workload increased and Tyler looked to find someone who could join his team.  He had met a talented designer, Alex Brucki in the Small Business Centre Program the summer before.  Alex and Tyler joined together and were presented a great opportunity: to join the Propel Summer Incubator Program, where they were given a grant and an office to work for the summer. The real work began.

Alex focused on user experience and design while Tyler focused on project management, sales, and development.  That summer, they worked with several members of the Propel cohort as well as other companies and organizations.  As summer 2016 came to a close, they looked for a location to build their business further. Always community-oriented, they discovered Innovation Works, run by Pillar Non-Profit, London’s first co-working space dedicated to social enterprises.  A founding tenant, Alex and Tyler built their own office from scratch within the location, adding an infinity green screen for multimedia production.  

Sixfive continued to grow their business, adding several members to their team including talented videographers, marketers, and developers.  The work shifted from mainly website development and branding to results-driven marketing, using powerful, targeted advertising and user experience design to drive traffic to sites and convert them into sales and leads.  

Sixfive continues to deliver that today, and have worked with both business and registered charities to create effective advertising campaigns and improve websites for over 50 clients to date.  Proud community members, Sixfive was nominated for a Community Engagement Award in their first year of full-time operation.  Working with Google, Sixfive helps charitable organizations get access to $10,000 USD a month in free advertising to help them grow their impact, volunteers, and donations.  

Sixfive is proud to offer their services and be a part of the thriving London Ecosystem. If you would like to learn more about Sixfive’s work, contact them at connect@sixfive.co or through phone at 519-854-6565.



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