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    Business Cards

  • Consultation


    We will arrange a meeting, phone call, or video chat and offer a one-on-one consultation.

  • Digital Marketing Workshop


    The success of every company depends on connecting with and selling to your customers. The workshop will help you improve your ability to create powerful content to attract target customers and understand the impact your marketing activities are having on your business.  Our facilitator will discuss best practices in optimizing your digital marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness and growth.  This includes technology stacks and proven methods to generate leads online.  We will also discuss important social media strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Full Social Media Report


    We will produce a full Social Media Report for you on your selected platforms.

  • Google Analytics Setup


    We will connect your existing site to Google Analytics so you can properly analyze users.

  • Landing Page

    Landing Page


    We will design and develop a professional landing page focused on high conversions and implement it into your site.

  • Portrait Image

    Portrait Photography Shoot


    Book a one-hour session at our studio or the location of your choice.  We will use our professional camera and lighting to provide beautiful portraits in the style that you want.  You will have full rights to the photos and we will deliver all photos digitally in the file format of your choice.

  • Setup Automated Email Marketing Campaign


    We will setup automated marketing campaign that sends triggered, personalized emails to customers and tracks actions.

  • Setup Facebook Chatbot


    We will set you up a basic Facebook Chatbot for your page.

  • Camera Shot White Screen

    Studio Rental


    Rent out our studio with an infinity wall, green-screen, white-screen, and black-screen for only $100.00 an hour.  If you need support, give us a call at 519-854-6565 and we can offer customized help to best suit your needs.

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    Video Interview


    Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience and customers.  We will put together a two-minute video interview with multiple camera angles and professional sound quality at our studio here in London.  We can use your branding and title slides to customize the video to your company and purpose.

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