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Canada has such a vast and beautiful landscape that is vulnerable and at risk of being damaged. These are our picks for the best environmental nonprofits in Canada

The David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation has been protecting and serving the Canadian environment since 1990 and have offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. David Suzuki is a large Canadian icon that has fought for environmental rights for his entire career. David and his foundation aim to increase environmental rights, find various climate solutions, and increase and protect biodiversity. The foundation also funds environmental education and advocates for indigenous peoples policies.

To donate to the David Suzuki Foundation visit: https://davidsuzuki.org/

Climate Action Network

While the Climate Action Network isn’t one nonprofit it is a collection of organizations that work together to protect Canada’s environment. The network aims to advance environmental policies and create solutions for serious issues like carbon pollution and climate change. By working together the multiple organizations have a bigger impact on policy makers and can reach out to more people across Canada.

If you want support the Climate Action Network visit: https://climateactionnetwork.ca/

Environmental Defence

Environmental Defence Canada is one of Canada’s largest environmental protection organizations, their goal is to protect Canadian freshwater, global warming, and how they interact with our economy. Environmental defence takes responsibility for some major policy changes such as banning BPA from baby bottles and founding the Green Energy Act Alliance.

To support Environmental Defence Canada visit: https://environmentaldefence.ca/donate/

Animal Alliance of Canada

Animal Alliance of Canada is a nonprofit dedicated to the injustices that animals face in Canada. The organization is dedicated to protecting animals from habitat loss, commercial farming, and even animal rescue. Animal Alliance of Canada was founded in 1990 and has created long term legislation changes that benefit our wildlife and environment.

To donate to Animal Alliance of Canada visit: https://www.animalalliance.ca/donate/

The Canada Green Building Council

While the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is unlike the other nonprofits on this list it still helps save Canada’s environment in their own way. The CaGBC works to build and innovate high-performing, healthy green buildings in Canada. They also work to change industry standards, develop design practices and guidelines, and develop educational tools to teach sustainable design and construction practices.

If interested in becoming a member of the CaGBC visit:https://www.cagbc.org/Membership

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