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For The First Time In Internet History….

  For the first time in the history of the internet and Google as a company, over 50% of all searches resulted in zero clicks. This stat may not sound so astonishing at first but it is a foreshadow at what the future of searches will be.    With Google...

Intern’s Insights: Benefits Of Working With Purpose

Welcome to the second edition of my intern blog where I explain and expand on some thoughts I've come across on working with a purpose. With just over a month under my belt here at SixFive I have come to some conclusions. Whether it's making ads that help people find...

Hip-Hop Nonprofits That You Should Know About

Many hip-hop artists have nonprofits that they founded or were founded after them, here's a list of some of them and how they're making a difference. .PaakHouse The soul and R&B inspired rapper has a foundation in his home state of California that aims to uplift...

Best Environmental Nonprofits In Canada

Canada has such a vast and beautiful landscape that is vulnerable and at risk of being damaged. These are our picks for the best environmental nonprofits in Canada The David Suzuki Foundation The David Suzuki Foundation has been protecting and serving the Canadian...

5 Celebrity Nonprofits That Are Making A Big Impact

It seems like we see and hear about everything that celebrities do... except for the things that really matter. This is a little ode to the under appreciated celebrity nonprofits that are making a difference in the world. Here are the top 5 Celebrity Nonprofits that...

The Intern’s Insights

Starting From Scratch: The learning curve of Google AdWords is short and steep, this blog is just trying to demystify the process and help any future interns/ employees. After acquiring an internship at SixFive, I was quickly introduced to the world of Google AdWords....

Google Ad Grants Success Story: Caritas Frankfurt

The Google Ad Grants program has helped non-profits around the world improve their awareness while simultaneously producing results. Whether in the form of website visits, donations or any other kind of conversion, $10,000 USD a month in FREE ad spend is sure to make...

TechSoup Canada Registration

Not only can you get access to $10,000 USD a month in free Google advertising, you can also access to several kinds of software for free and at discounted rates.

5 Great Productivity Apps That Work

I often find myself wondering where time has gone. I work really hard and do accomplish good work, and yet I sometimes feel like my to-do list is neverending and all I’m ever doing is catching up, not getting ahead. Maybe you feel the same?

How To Be Productive After A Long-Weekend

Use a website/desktop app such as Toggl to track your hours so you can be mindful of how much time you’re spending on projects. Using Toggl, you can even label your tasks and add custom project labels to keep yourself organized.

Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year again –Mother’s Day! Did it sneak up on you? If so, and you’re in a bit of a pickle with no ideas for what to do or buy, don’t worry! You’re in the right place.



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