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Many hip-hop artists have nonprofits that they founded or were founded after them, here’s a list of some of them and how they’re making a difference.


The soul and R&B inspired rapper has a foundation in his home state of California that aims to uplift and support the underprivileged through music and education. The foundation creates what they call a “Safe Haven” through community events, sponsored events, summer programs, after-school programs to empower youth and those in need. PaakHouse is a new and upcoming foundation but it’s impact has already being seen in the local California community.

To support .PaakHouse visit: http://paakhouse.org/

Always Strive And Prosper

After a member of the A$AP rap group died of substance abuse, the other members chose to try to make a change in the culture and help others struggling with substance abuse. The foundation is committed to implementing educational seminars, school programs, and community concerts to spread their message and support. The foundation holds a festival every year to celebrate the life of A$AP Yams, the deceased member of the rap group, the festival has featured multiple big names in hip-hop such as Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Lil Uzi Vert, and A$AP Rocky. With substance abuse still being a major issue within hip hop culture, the Always Strive And Prosper foundation is making huge strides to solve a serious issue.

If inclined to make a donation to the ASAP foundation visit: http://alwaysstriveandprosper.org/donate/

The XXXTentacion Foundation

With the recent and tragic death of the 20 year old Florida rapper XXXTentacion, his family and friends started a foundation in his name to give back to the community he grew up in. In June 2018, Jahseh Onfroy was shot and killed in south Florida in a senseless act of violence. Before his sudden and untimely death Onfroy was a mental health advocate and was committed to spreading positivity and making music that his fans could connect and relate with. While not without personal struggles and issues, the artist worked hard to make up for his mistakes and make a positive impact on the world.

To donate to the XXXTentacion foundation visit: https://www.xxxtentacion.com/

SocialWorks Chicago

Founded by Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper, Social Works Chicago is working to empower youth through the arts and education. Chance The Rapper, or Chancellor Bennet, grew up in the south side of Chicago where youth empowerment and development took a distant second place to violence and crime. SocialWorks aims to tear those stereotypes down and give Chicago youth leadership and optimism. Bennet is the spokesperson and figurehead of the foundation and has donated over 1 million dollars of his own money to Chicago schools.

Support SocialWorks Chicago at: http://www.socialworkschi.org/donate

The Dreamville Foundation

Fayetteville, Carolina native and rap artist Jermaine Cole started the Dreamville foundation in 2011 to bridge the gap between impoverished youth in his hometown and opportunities that would be otherwise inaccessible. Cole’s intention is to help the urban youth of Fayetteville achieve their dreams, the foundation does this through school supply fundraisers, young mens book clubs, and various community events.

Donate to the Dreamville Foundation at: http://www.thedreamvillefoundation.org/donate/


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