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The Google Ad Grants program has helped non-profits around the world improve their awareness while simultaneously producing results. Whether in the form of website visits, donations or any other kind of conversion, $10,000 USD a month in FREE ad spend is sure to make an impact on organizations of all shapes and sizes. Are you a non-profit? There is $120,000 a year waiting for you. 



AmpleHarvest.org is an organization that connects the food production industry with local pantries to prevent wasted food and help reduce hunger of the needy in communities across America. They help families and individuals in poverty find food while simultaneously reducing waste.


Marketing Goals

AmpleHarvest.org looks to promote their cause locally across the United States as well as globally. They utilize Google Adwords as their main method of promoting content and information. They strive to inform and educated the farming and gardening communities about how they can help reduce malnutrition on a local level.


Impact of Google Ad Grants

Since taking advantage of the Google Ad Grants Program, AmpleHarvest.org has since been approved for the Google Grantspro program where they receive $40,000 a month in ad-spend to help their cause. They have been able to drive website clicks to over a million in a five year timespan while converting over 60,000 of those visitors over a quick few months. Since initially joining the Google Ad Grants program in 2012 they have received immense amounts of press coverage that has contributed to the extensive public awareness.


“Ad Grants has been a critical partner of AmpleHarvest.org since out launch. 1,000 food pantries nationwide registered to receive locally grown fresh food for the first time within 150 days of our existence due to the extensive reach of AdWords.” – Gary Oppenheimer, Founder, AmpleHarvest.org


Learn about how we can help your organization take advantage of this incredible program HERE. 



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