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The Google Ad Grants program has helped non-profits around the world improve their awareness while simultaneously producing results. Whether in the form of website visits, donations or any other kind of conversion, $10,000 USD a month in FREE ad spend is sure to make an impact on organizations of all shapes and sizes. Are you a non-profit? There is $120,000 a year waiting for you.




Founded in 1941, The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) works to advance the appreciation of arts and culture in Canadian communities. They offer information and exhibition opportunities for the art community as well as support and promotion for artists of all experience levels.


Marketing Goals


The FCA is always looking improve engagement from the public through community art events and exhibition all while driving up enrollment and donations as much as possible. The Google Ad Grants program was able to help the FCA to achieve these goals through improved website traffic which resulted in improved annual donations and sign-ups.


Impact of Google Ad Grants


Targeted ads through the Google Grants program allowed the FCA to drive new traffic to their website resulting in a 23% increase in signups from new visitors and a 7% increase in donations. They saw 70,000 clicks through search ads to their website over the course of the year. The FCA plans to continue utilizing this great resource to maintain and improve the effectiveness of their efforts.


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