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The Google Ad Grants program has helped non-profits around the world improve their awareness while simultaneously producing results. Whether in the form of website visits, donations or any other kind of conversion, $10,000 USD a month in FREE ad spend is sure to make an impact on organizations of all shapes and sizes. Are you a non-profit? There is $120,000 a year waiting for you. 



Pillar Nonprofit  is an organization in London, Ontario with the goal of strengthening and supporting a large network of nonprofit organizations. They support more than 600 organizations, providing a wide range or services from business advice to facilitating community engagement. Innovation works is a co-working space downtown London that is owned by Pillar. The office space provides nonprofits and entrepreneurs alike with a dynamic workplace that possesses a major focus on community development and connection.

Marketing Goals

The goals of Pillar Nonprofit include attracting and fostering additional resources for their members as well as the attraction of prospective registrations. Their website includes resources for job postings and events, as well as The Innovation works site which seeks to rent event space and office quarters to those in search.


To help their events and job postings gain more traction, Pillar nonprofit is promoting these pages through search ads. In addition to these central focuses of the account, each page has a set of ads promoting additional web traffic. This includes promotion of event space and co-working offices for their Innovation Works office building downtown.

Impact Of Google Ad Grants

During a short amount of time, Sixfive has helped the two organizations improve their online presence tremendously. With an additional 317k impressions on Google searches, they have been able to bring over 16 thousand visits to their site at a click through rate of 5.1% and a conversion rate of 15.5%, both well above industry standards. The power of Ad Grants has helped Pillar fill co-working and event space, improve event attendance, build awareness and help amazing people find job and volunteer opportunities from postings on their network.


Learn about how we can help your organization take advantage of this incredible program HERE.



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